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2005 May

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Welcome to Den's life!
05.11.05 (3:08 pm)   [edit]
Gawd!!this school year sucked ass!!Well...there was some good times..but mostly sucky times...all year..my friends and I have fighting a lot lately and everytime we solve the fight..another one starts about so and so...here's the story..FIrst fight was about this girl in our group named april..we kicked her out..everything went great after that..she left...one of our friends started to act exactly like her..which sux..we solved that one..then we got in a bitch ass fight about her again..then after all that was solve about the whole fight with Sara (took about 5 months to solve the fight!)..Brittany comes along..We just got done yelling at each other..I'm never talkin to that chick ever again..gosh, amanda, if u were talkin to her..U would hate her forever for what she has said...i'm done with her..She can spread rumors about me for all I care..She said that I'm the biggest bitch in the whole entire world and that's y everyone's startin to hate me at my school..so I told her..u get mad at me for not tellin u everytin when u don't even tell me this stuff...and here she goes sayin..Well I just kinda found out about that today...Found out about that today...my ass...Gosh!!SHe's seriously a 2-faced...and a liar!as we all should kno about now...I hate this crap that's been goin on lately..It feels like I want to solve this problem with Britt..but i'm the kind of person that's like...when someone tells u to fuck off u fuckin bitch..i fuckin hate u...I'm done with her..Never ever talkin to 'em again...so I'm just gonna leave it at the point where everyone in the group pretends to like her cause they don't want her to be at them...and me and her hating each other forever...anways..done bitchin!Good-bye!LIfe sux ass but somehow....I WILL get through it!...hopefully...without me cuttin and shit....

05.10.05 (6:42 pm)   [edit]
TOday has been hella boring for me!Well after school..I rode the bus for the first time..and April walked with me to my house..hung out for a while and at around 4:15 her sister went to my house..we chilled for a while..then at around 5:10 they had to leave and walk home..neways..April is a lost friend from a long time ago..and hmm..the whole people and my clan hates her..it's actually me that likes her I guess...SHe's pretty kool..Neways..Me and my friend are havin this bitch ass fight about this guy named NIck Domen..Holy shit!Wow..Well..update again later....~den~

Ah shit!
05.09.05 (5:52 pm)   [edit]
Well hmm..the guy that i like badly that likes me..is startin to like on of my best friend better than he likes me...HOw can I tell??IT's kinda obvious...What should I do?Everything's so messed up right now??!!I'm grounded till june 10th and I don't even get to c my boyfriend..cause he goes to a different school than I do..n I feel like I should break up with him..cause it feels weird flirting with a lot of guys at school while i'm goin out with him!what should I do!!Damn..everythin is screwed up right now!

My awesome day!
05.04.05 (8:13 pm)   [edit]
Hmm...well today was actually quite allright!!Nick and Justin and couple of friends are coming to my house Saturday!Unless, we want to go to the carnival and just chill there..Well hmm..there's nothing really to talk about...I can talk about Nick and Justin BUt that'll just get me going forever so..hmm..Well People on tblog doesn't comment me on any blogs that I write!But Mindsay people..THey won't stop commentin on my blog!!neways..gotta go take a shower for school tomorro..aiight!later, denden

05.03.05 (5:54 pm)   [edit]
Hey well as u guys can c, I am new here!SO please, if u have any spare tbucks!I really would want some!well neways..can't c my boyfriend since i'm grounded..n he doesn't go to my school!Which sux ass!!I haven't seen him in 4 days!But Mayb Saturday, I can sneak out and go over to his house and hang out for couple hours and yeah..WEll Ill go now..i'll update again later when there's actually sumtin to talk about!later, denden